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Situated in the west of the island is the small town of Los Gigantes. A peaceful seaside area that is located very close to one of Tenerife's most beautiful backdrops. Los Gigantes offers its own unique attractions and captivating views.

The town was given its name from the surrounding cliffs, Acantilados de Los Gigantes or The cliffs of the giants. They stand proudly up to 800 meters high, with vertical drops down to the ocean, providing you with an amazing spectacle from everywhere in Los Gigantes This town is a real hotspot for the more mature crowd who are “looking to get away from it all”.

Things to do in Los Gigantes

Acantilados de Los Gigantes Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Acantilados de Los Gigantes or 'Cliffs of the Giants' is over seven million-years-old, it is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking views you could possibly find on the island. The cliffs are a sight to behold from all angles, which can be enjoyed from the beaches, but more importantly from the ocean.

It is worth taking a tour out and around Acantilados de Los Gigantes to fully immerse yourself in just how high they tower. The ocean floor surrounding the cliffs are 100ft deep which brings a whole host of sea life, which is amazing for divers and deep sea fishing enthusiasts.

The cliffs form a part of the Teno rural park, which in itself is a beautiful area to adventure around.

The Seafront The Seafront

As a coastal town, you can be sure that Los Gigantes can offer you excitement along the seafront. Venture around the marina and harbour, located at the bottom of the hills. Where you will find well-priced boat excursions that will take you to see the cliffs and amazing diving spots.

Los Gigantes is well known as a 'Magical Mecca' for seeing amazing wildlife, especially in the ocean. It has been said that a third of all whale and dolphin species travel through the area. So, if you want to go on an exciting sightseeing tour. They are not in short supply, with free snacks & drinks typically offered in the packages.

It wouldn't be the complete package if it didn't have any beaches! Thankfully Los Gigantes has one of the best. Volcanic sand forms Los Guios beach, with a 180m stretch of sand providing you with a charming & quaint beach to relax on. Los Gigantes even has natural swimming pools, the most popular is Isla Cangrejo. A large natural pool that has been partially protected by man-made walls, if you want to experience this refreshing and idyllic dip, it isn't far to walk.

Restaurants Restaurants

With over 100 places to eat in Los Gigantes, if you have a strong appetite then you certainly won't get bored any time soon. Fitting a range of budgets, so whether you want something cheap and cheerful without hindering your tastebuds or something a little more lavish to treat yourself, then the option is there. Adventure around the marina & harbour and you will be spoilt for choice with tasty & traditional Canarian delicacies.

We recommend visiting Aqua, an intimate and romantic restaurant that has only 10 tables available. Guaranteeing a special moment. With amazing views of the ocean finishing off the experience. Choose from a wide range of tantalising high-quality food, including Steak, suckling pig, all the way through to king prawns, freshly caught fish & much more. There are even vegetarian alternatives available.

Take a look for yourself at their full menu here:

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Los Gigantes

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