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Playa Blanca is the southernmost town on the Spanish islands of Lanzarote. You are guaranteed lush stretches of sandy white beaches. Tourists from all over the world visit here to swim and sunbathe on the likes of the beautiful Playa Dorada beach. Although if you are in Playa Blanca the beaches of Papagayo are the best to visit. It's a wonderful experience for the whole family.

The area also features a breath-taking national park, sparse salt flats, El Golfo (the green lagoon) and much much more! You will also find many shops, restaurants and a lively nightlife on this beautiful part of the island.

Things to do in Playa Blanca

Aqualava Water Park Aqualava Water Park

Who doesn't love waterparks? Especially when you're in the blazing heat, it's the best way to cool off and keep refreshed under the sun. Aqualava water park takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape which of course includes volcanoes.

There is fun for all the family, whether you chill at Aqualava beach, with its salt water wave pool. Or enjoying Corsair Bay, with an array of slides and an Octopus that is just waiting to soak you! The best feature is Timan Fire, only for the most daring, with five slides to choose from, you can race your friends and enjoy the loops and turns on the way down. But, if you're the one who just likes to kick back and laze around, then Magma river is great for you. You can use double or individual floats to leisurely get your way around the park.

There is also great modern amenities for you to use, with a restaurant and shop available in the park. It is open all year round. Find out how much ticket prices are here:

Playa Dorada Beach Playa Dorada Beach

Playa Dorada Beach may just be heaven on earth. With 300 meters of golden sand, a sheltered lagoon and many shops and restaurants, it is no wonder most tourist spend most of their time here!

Playa Blanca is all about having a nice relaxing time with your loved ones, as the sun goes down on this idyllic town the nightlife has a real family feel. WIth cocktails, karaoke and live music on offer what more could you want after spending all day soaking up the sun on the beach?

The amenities on this beach are great, with deck chairs, showers, parking, beach bars! Even if you don't like the sand too much, there is a lovely idyllic promenade to stroll along.

Atlantico Museum Atlantico Museum

Atlantico Museum recently opened in 2017, it is proudly the first underwater museum in Europe. With over 400 sculptures to view and explore. Designed by the renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor, he focuses on problems in modern society and paints a real story with each piece.

The statues are designed in a way to attract marine creatures and encourage them to build an ecosystem around them. So it will forever be adapting and changing, with the surroundings becoming even more stunning and full of life.

If you want to take a tour of the area yourself then visit here:

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Playa Blanca

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