Living in Costa Adeje

28th November 2018

If you're looking to move to Tenerife, you are probably already familiar with the majestic area of Costa Adeje. With its beautiful beaches, plenty to see and do and perfect areas to live in, Costa Adeje could just be your perfect place to live! To ultimately decide whether living in Costa Adeje is right for you, you must distinguish what the area has to offer and compare this with your current property requirements.
Picture this, winter arrives and everyone back in the UK or northern European countries struggle to keep warm while you and your family spend the evening relaxing by the beach watching the beautiful mediterranean sunset without the worry of keeping warm all winter. This dream can become a reality in Costa Adeje.

Cost of living

If you decide to live in Costa Adeje, one of the first things you need to know is the cost of living. The price of your desired property will be at the top of your agenda, however it is vital that you also look into the cost of living in Costa Adeje, the price of food, drink, electric and other necessities compared to where you live now.
The average house price in Costa Adeje currently is 237,264€ (£209,479), compared to the average of £365,697 for a detached property in the UK. (house prices frequently change) Because of the uncertainty looming over Brexit negotiations, many property buyers are deciding to invest in Tenerife property now rather than later to gain peace of mind.

Transport in Costa Adeje

When moving to a different country, it’s important that you become familiar with all aspects of transport. Not only to make your own way around Costa Adeje, or Tenerife in general but also to understand the frequency of flights and other transport for visits to friends and family, business travel or holidays.


There are a number of bus routes to and from Costa Adeje which makes visiting the whole island easy. To plan your journey you can use Titsa bus website HERE > Some of the most popular bus routes include: 
Bus number 110 - This travels between Santa Cruz, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. For a full trip from Santa Cruz to Costa Adeje this but would cost 9.45€ or you can purchase a season bus ticket for 6.25€ per month.

Other busses that offer the same prices includes bus number 111, this stops off at Aeropuerto Sur, bus number 416 travels from Granadilla to Costa Adeje. For more bus times to and from Costa Adeje, visit the Tista bus timetable planner.


Taxi prices can vary depending on where you are traveling too but as an example the standard rate from Costa Adeje to Los Gigantes for two adults would cost 37.10€ and will take 25 minutes. Visit the Tenerife official taxi website for more details: Alternatively, you can call these taxi numbers that are local to Costa Adeje :(+34) 922 71 54 07 or (+34) 922 71 44 56


Depending on where you live in Costa Adeje, you may be interested in buying or renting a car. If you were renting a car for a week the average price of a standard economy car would cost you between 60€ and 100€. Buying a car in Costa Adeje are similar prices to the rest of europe depending on your choice of car. You must pay road tax and if the car is over 4 years old, make sure it has passed its ITV which is the equivalent of the UKs MOT.


Because Costa Adeje is in the south of Tenerife, the closest airport on the island is Tenerife South Airport (TFS) which is only 30 minutes away by car. Flights from London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are frequent (around 5 flights per day) and take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes from London to Tenerife. This makes Tenerife ideal for friends and family to visit.

Nearby food and drink

If you decide to live in Costa Adeje, it’s important to learn about what restaurants and bars are available in the area, not only for pleasure but so you can socialise and understand the culture of the area. What better way to end the working week than visiting one of your favourite restaurant and bars to unwind and welcome the weekend. Costa Adeje offers many restaurants in the area that include:
Restaurant Limoncello - If you love the Canary Islands local cuisine then the Restaurant Limoncello located on the beachfront of Costa Adeje is for you. Offering seafood, steak, pizza and pasta, this top restaurant offers great value for money!
Harriet’s Tea Room and Restaurant - If you are looking for a delicious lunch then you must visit Harriet’s tea room located a stone's throw away from the beach. Most people like to visit this tea room and restaurant during the day for tea, sandwiches and delicious cake!
Monte Christo - If you are looking for fine dining then the Monte Christo offers superb Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Located to the east of Costa Adeje, this restaurant opens at 6pm until 11.30pm, to make a booking you can call +34 922 71 57 57, the weekends can be quite busy.
Some of our top recommended bars in Costa Adeje include:
Casablanca Gin Bar - Highly rated on Google and Tripadvisor, the Casablanca Gin Bar is a must visit for all gin lovers! Offering over 90 types of Gin from all over the world, this popular gin bar in Costa Adeje is located meters away from the local beach! 
The Pub- Tenerife - Costa Adeje offers something for for all foreign investors, if the traditional British pub so something you think you’ll miss, then The Pub- Tenerife is for you. This pub is exactly what you would expect, a traditional British pub that sells high quality beers, spirits and wines. 
Kaluna Beach Club - Located on the coast of Tenerife in Costa Adeje, the Kaluna Beach Club offers unbelievable and unspoilt sea views, an infinity pool and a terrace bar where you can drink your favorite cocktails. This beach club is popular because of its idyllic location, relaxed atmosphere and also offers some delicious food.
There are many delicious restaurants and upbeat bars not only in Costa Adeje, but in the surrounding area. So you if you’re feeling more adventurous you could even hop in a 10 minute taxi ride to discover even more restaurants Tenerife has to offer.


Like all of the Canary Islands, Tenerife offers sunshine all year round, especially if you are living in the south. Situated on the south of the island, Costa Adeje offers all year round sunshine with the chance of rainfall in the autumn and winter months. January and February being the coldest months with average temperatures of of 16° - 21°.
To summarise, Living in Costa Adeje is an excellent investment opportunity. With more and more foreign buyers interested in the Tenerife all year round nice weather and multilingual culture, the Tenerife property market is set to sore. So if you are looking for the best property investment opportunity, now is the right time to find your dream property in Costa Adeje.