6 benefits of becoming an agent with Canarian Properties

24th May 2018


Canarian Properties is the premier property portal for estate agencies based within the Canary Islands. With more and more consumers searching for their dream home through property portals, we give you the 6 big benefits of becoming an agent with Canarian Properties.

1 - Property Placement

Canarian Properties provides estate agencies with the ability to put their properties in the faces of potential buyers. Not only is this making the whole experience for the consumer more convenient when searching online, it means, if you have what they are looking for then enquiries will come pouring in!

2 - Wider Reach For You!

The sheer size of Canarian Properties gives any agent a huge advantage in terms of reach and mass exposure. As this is the premier property portal for the Canary Islands, this will be the first place potential buyers will search for properties, therefore it’s paramount your agency is visible in order to sell properties.

3 - Stronger leads = Higher conversions

One thing Canarian Properties can guarantee is stronger leads for your estate agency. As previously stated if your properties match what potential buyers are looking for then it really is a no brainer. The stronger the lead the higher chance of selling your property.

4 - Staying ahead of your competition

The property industry is highly competitive, and this is especially so in the Canaries. This portal gives you the chance to make sure you are ahead of your competition when potential consumers are looking for their dream holiday home. The traffic through the portal will also help you achieve brand awareness and recall over your competitors, making you the favourable and trusted option.  

5 - Return on Investment

One sale would more than cover your annual fee… so what you waiting for? Become an agent on Canarian properties today, the premier property portal for the Canary Islands.

6 - Agent Collaboration

Finally, Canarian Properties has been designed to help estate agencies in the Canary Islands collaborate to help the buyer achieve their ultimate goal of buying their dream property in the sun. The collaborative tools that will be implemented into the agent dashboard will make your life as an estate agent much easier should you wish to work with other agencies in a positive way