Living in Playa de las Americas

9th January 2019

One of the most popular resorts on the island of Tenerife is Playa de las Americas (PDLA). When you initially think of PDLA you may think of a place you would visit on holiday not necessarily a place you would reside. 
PDLA has become a hotspot (no pun intended) recently, with lots of young couples setting up a new life here, as they look to swap their current cold climates for hot weather all year round. 
Here we bring you an overview of what life is like when you are living in PDLA. 

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

A real bonus when emigrating to the canary islands is the amazing weather you have all year round. In fact the continuous good weather all year round has meant that the canaries has been nicknamed, ‘Islands of eternal spring’. The average temperature across the year for the Islands is 18 - 24 ‘C. WOW!

Young at Heart!

Playa de las Americas is known as the party capital of Tenerife, the 24 hour celebrations makes this destination one of the most popular resorts in all of Europe! Plenty of young couples are now setting up a new life in PDLA for its hedonistic connotations. Veronicas is the happening place in PDLA, a strip spanning over 1 km. Veronicas is packed full of; bars, restaurants, live music, cabarets and nightclubs. The strip comes to life every night. Remember if you are looking for a more peaceful resort to reside we would suggest Los Cristianos.

Golf las Americas

If you have a penchant for golf I think we may have the perfect course for you, ‘Golf las Americas’. This 18-hole course is located centrally in PDLA. The course has some of the best views you could possibly see on the whole island, spend all day here or even better all year here if you choose to relocate to PDLA.
There is also Golf del Sur which is nearby, this is a real hotspot for golfers!

A Day In The Life

We know that the weather is nice, there is plenty of nightlife and amazing golf courses, but what is day to day life like in PDLA if you live here? 
A real bonus of living in PDLA is the job opportunities available. Because the resort is so popular there is an array of jobs available here! It’s one of the best places to work on the island too, particularly if you are seeking roles such as; bartender, waiter, waitress, PR, entertainer or even kitchen staff!
There is plenty to do during the day in PDLA. Everything is close by in terms of day to day living e.g, shops and supermarkets. If you are working on an evening you can spend your day walking down the marina or even better sunbathing on the beach!